Founder Ki Na'tan
Date founded 12 AFC
Purpose Design starships for the Traconian Alliance and all allied with it.
Status Peace
Allied Traconian Alliance, Traconian Military, Natrian Empire, Traconian Merchant Authority
Enemies None
Current leader Mi Te'moh

Traconian Star Engineering was founded 12 years after first contact with the Introi to design ships for the new Traconian Alliance. Its first design, the Traconian Star Explorer, was an instant hit, and the company recieved large profit from it. It used this profit to buy out there competitors, and to build the Natan Shipyards in orbit arround and on Kelto, a rocky planet in the Tracean system. This shipyard quickly became the site of almost all ship building in T.A. space, including for the military. Find almost any ship that is Traconian, and it is guaranteed to have a TSE label on it.