Founded 12 AFC
Type Elective Oligarchy
Leader High Council
Status Peace
Size 53 Planets
Military Medium to High strength
Economy Large
Piracy Rampant

The Traconian Alliance was formed in 12 A.F.C. (After First Contact) by the High Council of Tracii, which had unified the planet in 20 BFC. It is an elective oligarchy, governed by a 5 member High Council elected every 10 years, with a maximum of 5 terms. Unlike other Oligarchies throughout history, the TA is surprisingly benign, due to the fact that it is balanced by the 32-member Legislative Council, which proposes bills to the High Council and can impeach members. Each planet over T0 sends a representative to the Leg. Council, and they have the same election restrictions as the High council. Trade and manufacturing are largely nationalized, through the mega-corporations Traconian Star Engineering and Traconian Merchant Authority. Their has been one civil war so far, in 894-900 AFC, when Grand Admiral Ra Trr'Can and his supporters seized a large percentage of the Traconian Fleet and seceded with 13 systems, forming the Confederacion of Tracon, an autocratic dictatorship. The CT nearly defeated the TA until the Galactic Senate intervened, wanting to keep Trr'Can from attempting to conquer the galaxy, intervened in 898 AFC, sending a massive fleet that crushed the CT fleet and captured Trr'Can, who is currently being held at a maximum security prison, awaiting trial for war crimes and high treason. The current date is 950 AFC, with the Traconian Civil War still in recent memory.

High CouncilorsEdit

Defense Councilor: Met Ry'Corr - Commander In Chief of the Traconian Military.

Trade Councilor: Nr Far'Tan - Responsible for the Economy.

Domestic Councilor: Le Gan'Torr - Responsible for the everyday running of the Alliance.

Diplomatic Councilor: Ki Lar'Tak - Responsible for foreign relations.

Colonization Councilor: Va Qui'Tay - Resposible for planning new colonies and terraforming.